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If you live at a MCLife property, then you have probably heard about our we LOVE pets policy. In fact, that policy might be one of the reasons you decided to live with us. To celebrate the pets in your life we have teamed up with The Humane Society of Southern Arizona to bring you the Pet of the Month program.

What does that mean? Each month we will be featuring one pet from Tucson on social media, our blog and our email newsletters. Plus the winning resident will receive a pet swag bag full of goodies! The Humane Society of Southern Arizona will also have their own pet of the month in need of a loving home that gets a feature spot too!

How does it work? Any and all residents are welcome to send a photo of their pet along with a brief pet bio to as well as their “Tucson + Your First & Last Name” as the subject line! That’s it!

Let’s meet our winners for August 2015!

POTM Tucson


Meet our resident winners: Punkin and Sruffy! (pictured middle)

“These are my two furry friends, Punkin and Scruffy.  The are such wonderful company.  Punkin is 7 years old and Scruffy is 6 years old.  They love walks and are my reason to get out and exercise.  They get along great and their favorite place to be is in a soft comfortable bed.”

Meet our winner from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona: Mallow! (pictured far right)

“Mallow is a sweet girl with endless love to give. She knows just what to do to make you laugh and is always ready for a game of tug. No matter how busy you are, she will always find time to snuggle!”

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